About Us

Slammed clothing co. 'aircouture' for airheads by airheads!!

only lowered aircooled rides from customers, enthusiasts or the best and coolest companies are used in our collection.


we design with passion and fulfill your graphic needs. Slammed clothing company means high quality aircooled streetwear with detailed graphics. 


in our spare time we enjoy coffee, Drive aircoolers daily, cruise to meetings, have fun with friends and light up the bbq. they see us rollin'.....

Int. Distribution

If you want to sell Slammed Clothing in your country then sent a mail to get in touch and talk about the possibilities. info@slammedshop.com


Find Slammed clothing co. in

usa through hammeredapparel .

Find Slammed Clothing Co. in Brazil through mamedehaus .


Are you an artist and want to show us your skills, send your message and artwork to info@slammedshop.com and if we are interested in your creation(s) we can add your design in our artist line. yes, we might pay you for this;)

Slammed Clothing is not affiliated to VolksWagen AG. or other related companies in any way.

All cars on slammed clothing are used with (written) permission of the owner(s). Copyright reserved.